Monday, November 2, 2009

Britney's Boring "3"some

I love this video for no reason at all. It's repetitive and boring, and Brit's hardly moving at all, much less dancing. In fact, the clip is basically a collection of glamor shots in motion, which continues Britney's Circus-era trend of looking fabulous, but functioning minimally. Trust me, I made it to one of the shows on her hugely successful Circus tour, and she's just as disengaged in person as she is on film. There's no spark left in Britney, but she's a business MAN, thus the train must keep moving.

All that being said, she's looking amazing in this clip. I bet if they would've slipped her a couple shots of tequila beforehand she would've worked that pole like she had kids to feed (wait...). Remember the Gimmie More video?