Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Why R U" Sleeping on Amerie?

Cute headline, right?

I'm convinced that Amerie's "Why R U?" will be the most slept on single of the summer. Already I've heard more negative reviews than good surrounding the singer's first Def Jam single, and those opinions are perhaps as misguided as Amerie's decision to sign with Def Jam in the first place (If your name isn't Rihanna or Mariah, you aren't getting anywhere with Def Jam).

Amerie's voice isn't the strongest, but she'll sing any song like it hurts not to. Because of that effort her "Why R U?" delivery caters toward the track's relaxed 90's production perfectly. Think, Mary J. Blige crooning over "Reminisce" or SWV's slick approach to "I'm So Into You." Not that Amerie is as engaging as Mary, or matches SWV's new jack swagg, but she's singing "Why R U?." Not hiding behind production tricks or vocal gimmicks. Not T-Pain'ing her way toward a hit.

The track's oldschool production is contemporary enough to work as well today as it would have in '92, and that my friend is what we call a timeless record. That's right, I said it.

Don't think that "Why R U?" is groundbreaking, or particulary originial. In fact, it's quite comfortable. But a good song is a good song, and "Why R U?" works well in that capacity.

Checkout the stale ass video.

Oh, but nobody matches her fly.


Mala Mala said...

This song sounds like everyother song she ever sings.

BFloyd86 said...

You're right on that one. Can't even front.