Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 26 Doesn't Disappoint Quite as Much in Person.

So, I saw Day 26 in concert this weekend, and while I still think that they have a lot of work to put in, they weren't nearly as bad as I expected them to be.

The vocals were rough, but that was more or less due to lack of a sound check. The choreography was wack, but that's more or less due to Diddy. Really though, they had a lot of stage presence, and gave more energy than most acts tend to give anymore. More than that, they stayed after to watch Brandy perform from the side of the stage, and I could see them feeling B-Rocka just as much as the audience, so I know they have good tastes.

Here's the only Day 26 song worth my time.

And seriously, how dumb is it for their label to pull the official video for this song off YouTube, like anyone is REALLY checking for these guys? YouTube exposure is free promo all day.

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Ran said...

Awww i had so much fun that night! Im still holding onto my towel that was tossed in my face!

Im still upset my pics didnt come out though:o/