Friday, March 20, 2009

Ciara Is Trying Too Hard

Here's the preview video for Ciara's latest single, "Love, Sex & Magic," which features Justin Timberlake. This would be the third fourth 1st single from Ciara's Fantasy Ride, but it's also my favorite, so I won't talk too much shit.

It's not that Ciara doesn't look FLY in this clip, cause damn, she does. It just that, something about it is just a little too much. She's working that psuedo-cage like rent is a month behind, and the check she wrote for March is about to bounce too. Some of those positions just look awkward. There's nothing sexy about a "I hope I don't fall" face.

That being said, I really hope Ciara's 3rd album does well. She's one artist that has shown actual growth since her debut; both vocally, and performance-wise. In that respect, I'm mad that she's opening for Britney Spears this summer instead of touring on her own. But it's a recession, and I don't think Ciara tickets are worth downgrading from Ciroc to Absolute for the next 3 months.

Anway, I could be off the mark...what do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

The concept of trying too hard is reserved for losers and bums.

You SHOULD try harder. That's the point otherwise you don't grow as an individual.

Your whole post is full of so many contradictions I don't know where to start so I'll just say.... Fantasy Ride may 5th bitches!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually Googled "Ciara trying too hard" and this was the first thing that popped up. I completely agree. I understand growth, but it's as if she's trying to convince us she's a sex symbol now, or something. I liked her tomboy thing quite well.

And that new Verizon commercial, where she's shaking her butt? I cringe. Hard. "Shake that thing like a donkey..." Whoa.

Anonymous said...

Ciara is over, she is trying too hard to be something she is not. CeCe, you are NOT Beyonce or Rhianna, you need to go back to what made you famous. And stop googling yourself and then defending your lame actions in the comments section...I know that's you "Anonymous" poster #1..just be happy people still talk about you period...You DO try too hard, it's pathetic.