Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Was This At All Necessary?

Dora will be getting a To Catch a Predator sponsored makeover this fall, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. But on the plus side, looks like Nick Jr. finally realized that the bowl-cut bob is so 2007; and trading in strappy shoes for ballet flats....always a plus (or at least a lateral movement toward maturity?).

But I'm wondering how Dora's gonna go exploring w/o her over sized backpack? I smell an Hermes Birkin upgrade! (Swiper, no bootlegging)


Countdown To Change... said...
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Countdown To Change... said...

MY GOODNESS!! No not Dora! LAWD! not Dora! i think alot of parents are going to look at the new Dora and realize that just like they clicked on the tv all of a sudden and seen that Dora is all grown up, their children will be right behind her, thus cutting the ratings and eventually lead to Dora exploring the room where all the other cancelled cartoons are. what a shame! lol

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