Monday, July 12, 2010

How Tacky of Me

To disappear for months (the first half of 2010 to be exact), then return w/ such a self-involved post. Below I've provided links to some of the more standout (as determined by: me) material from this blog's archives. Not necessarily because I like to look at myself, but because I like for other people to look at me.

Actually, this post functions more as a reference point. It's been more than a half-year since I committed any time to this blog, so I think a refresher course is due.

So whether you're new to my blog (keep coming!), or making a return (thanks!), these posts should sum up my blogging intentions fairly well:

First, I like Janet Jackson. A lot. But not enough to ignore her occasional shortcomings. But enough to insert a random picture of her to your right.

In my mind, Britney Spears is a study in commodification. I mean, a whole thesis statement. Abstract ready.

I'm fairly socially conscious. Actually, quite. But this isn't CNN. (Hey TJ!)

Tyler Perry does nothing for me.

Mariah Carey amuses me.

And nobody read this, so I'm trying to make it happen again. So fetch.

Ultimately, I'm back to blogging. And I apologize to my niche of readers that I left hanging. With no real excuse, I'll just say that life after college is a bitch. Don't graduate.

Expect regular posts from here until eternity. And don't forget -writers need validation. So comment!


yo286206 said...

heheh, I like @bfloyd86..its me @lexiio. ur thug life girl from hilton head. haha that picture is on my wall. Anywho, expect comments. You have officially been BOOKMARKED!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, I was wondering where the hell you and your fuckery went, sir.

I miss the old days of blogging where everbody was into it. Sigh, I guess this wil do for now.

Welcome back, B.

BFloyd86 said...

Thanks guys!

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