Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brandy Sells an Embarrassing 73k in Her First Week

Brandy's latest album, Human sold just 73,000 copies in its first week, debuting at a weak number 15 on Billboard's Hot 100 albums chart. That's the lowest showing of her already ailing career, and would seem to dash any hopes of resurgence for the singer. I can't be the only one at least a little surprised by that.

It's not that I was expecting her to break any records right out the gate with Human, but even at her least commercially successful Brandy could guarantee at least a top 10 showing. Debuting at number 15 is hardly a good look for her, especially at this point in her career. At just 29, Brandy's been in the game longer than any of the artists that managed to get the best of her on the Billboard chart last week; at least of those charting in the top 10. She deserves at least 150,000 units sold on merit alone. But, falling as significantly short of a respectable debut as she has may just suggest that no one's checking for B-Rocka anymore.

That's a shame. While I maintain that Human is far from Brandy's best work, it's certainly a commendable effort. Without calling any other artists out, it sometimes amazes me how the female R&B market consistently seems as if it only has room for just a few successful black females. If it's not Whitney, Mariah and Janet, or Aaliyah, Monica and Brandy, then it's Beyonce, Alicia and Rihanna; never too many, and never all at the same time. And while there are exceptions to every rule, for the most part women in the music industry have their days numbered from the start.

Usher has sold consistently well since his My Way days, and I would argue the Brandy has delivered better projects in the same amount of time, but to increasingly declining sales. While it's not my intention to suggest that Usher doesn't deserve the level of success that he's achieved (Usher Stan, all day), I suppose I just don't understand why there are very few females from the same generation still standing.

And I'm sorry; though I love Britney, and Taylor Swift has started to grow on me, Brandy is bodying both them hoes in nearly every aspect of the game (save dancing, in reference to Britney), so there's really no reason for them to be thriving as she continues to sink. Circus outselling Human? Get it together consumers.

Here's my favorite Brandy video. She's done better work since, but in 1995 you couldn't tell me nothin when this song came on.


Anonymous said...


Not my Brandy!!!!:)\

The album is still hot! But Keyshia Cole might debut at #1?


Ellington 51 said...

I HATED "Human" when I first got it. It wasn't until I got my hands on some leaked tracks from the supposedly forthcoming "Deluxe Edition" that I started to like it. Those songs actually "complete" the album and make the original release "sound better". I think they made ALL the wrong song choices for the release and "Departed" NEVER should have been a lead single. Still a fan though.

BFloyd86 said...

Departed never should have been a single? I don't know if I agree with that. I feel like of any song on Human, Right Here is the one that most reflects Brandy's artistry. Beyond that, it's just a good song. The sentiment is on point, the production is refreshing, and the vocals are the most comfortable Brandy's sounded since Full Moon.

It might just be a good ass song. Maybe spend a little more time w/ it?

Ellington 51 said...

Umm...naw. lol. I just don't like it. A lil' too Saccharin for me. Personal preference. U can have it tho ;). I love Brandy most when she uses her "grown-woman" voice... That chipmunk chorus irks me. BUT, I do LOVE "The Definition" and "Piano Man". Oh...and the acapella jawnt.

Ellington 51 said...

Oh... on the player on my page...skip through and listen to "2nd thought" and "Porcelain Doll" ...OH. MY. GAWD.

BFloyd86 said...

Yeah, I had heard both of those. I agree that the leftovers were a bit better than the main event. Porcelain Doll is nice.

Have you heard List or After The Flood? Those are my favorites.