Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tyra Banks is a G

Yes, there are times when her talk show is almost too embarrassing to watch (see the episodes when she praises Tyra for being Tyra...which is basically every episode). And no, I don't believe she'll ever be the next Oprah, in terms of public persona and television substance. But regardless of her shortcomings, Tyra has been handling her business for years.

Growing up, I can't remember any other black models in the game besides her and Naomi; and while Naomi may have the Fierce Chick game on lock, Tyra has that and personality to boot. I can think of more than a dozen models who have tried to maintain a career outside of the catwalk, and Tyra is one of very few who have managed to handle her business outside of the Vicki S Fashion Show. While her music career is a joke at best, she's gotten down on the big screen, small screen and behind the scenes effortlessly, and at just 35 is a financial mogul to boot.

I still remember her as the little seen, but always fun to watch around-the-way girl, Jackie from Fresh Prince. Back then she was the chick with the big forehead who you were tired of seeing every damn where. Today, she's the chick with the big forehead who is running shit, and you can't help but to give her mass respect for doing so. Love her or hate her, few Black women in the fashion world have been able to transcend the game like Tyra, and years from now folks won't be able to deny that she's opened plenty of doors for plenty of people.

But them white girl weaves gotta go. Tyra knows damn well her shit ain't that legally blonde.

Oh, and Kanye's Blog inspired this post, but I promised he wouldn't get any more shine until the new year, so I'll leave the link for you to Google.

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Ran said...

Haha!!! U KNO i love my girl Tyra!!! Yea she can be alittle over the top, but you gotta respect her hustle!!!