Thursday, December 11, 2008

Janet and Mariah Might Be Expecting, Britney Delivers the Upset, Ludacris Wants You to Buy His Music Too, and Other Leftovers

  • How is Madonna still pulling dick that's half her age, when clearly this broad is scary? But A-Rod is at least a little bi-curious, so I'm sure that has something to do w/ their relationship.
  • Mariah and Janet keep talking about having kids "one day;" but at 38 and 42 respectively, isn't it time to give the birth-control a break before it's no longer necessary?
  • Britney beasted Beyonce and Kanye on the charts this week. Look for Beyonce to develop a substance abuse problem just in time for the release of her third single.

1 comment:

Super Woman said...

You are too funny.....LOL
Beyonce and Kanye's albums both weren't what i expected and im thinking maybe i should have bought britney and Luda instead
I heard Luda's Album was hot. A-Rod? Bi Curious? Dont sayyyy that!!