Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Think I've Dissed Cherish On This Blog Before

But I've FINALLY come around to listening to their sophomore album(I know, right?), The Truth... and I might be in love with it. Yes, I realize it was released nearly a year ago...but there was better music consuming my attention back then.

A lot of my friends get on me for enjoying the album's first single, "Killa" featuring Yung Joc so much; but in my defense, I was a bit intoxicated the first time I heard it, and I vaguely remember some chick falling off the stage right around "shorty is a killa!," which makes me smile every time I hear the words. Other than that, it's just a fun song, which I can appreciate.

Given the small selection of pop and R&B girl groups today, I feel inclined to work with what's available. Danity Kane bores me, and they're a wrap I'm gonna keep quietly listening to Cherish, alone in my room...and discreetly switch to Coldplay should any questions be asked.

Oh, and should you run across The Truth, I suggest you approach it with caution --expecting very little, and looking to kill some time. With that attitude, you'll find it significantly more enjoyable.

Here's the video for my guilty pleasure

Are they playing musical chairs at the end?

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Anonymous said...

I have this album and it's pretty good album.....:)