Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is Completely Random...

But, this is the cover to Britney's 1999 single, "Baby One More Time." It's a little weird, right?

I've always wondered what Britney's camp sought to accomplish with this picture, especially considering that by the time the single was released commercially it had already been a huge radio hit. That is to say, Britney was already well on her way toward becoming a household name, which to me makes this photo sort of an odd choice as her very first single cover. I'm all for the face shot (wait...), but there had to be some other motivation behind choosing this photo..because clearly it's not the best of Britney.

The messy bed-head and vulnerable look in Brit's eyes, paired with the suggestive tone of the title make me think that they were aiming to establish her jailbait potential from the start; Brit looks like a little girl in her momma's wig (assuming your mom is Courtney Love)..and maybe it's just the English major in me, but that has to symbolize something...vapid or insightful, but definitely profitable.

Or maybe this photo is just an eerie foreshadowing of Brit's darker days ahead...poorly kept weave and all. I mean, she definitely looks a little crazy right? Less future superstar, and more "I'll never tell..."

Can you tell I don't have SHIT to blog about? Still, I probably would've slid this in eventually.

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