Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kanye West and Brad Pitt Go Au Natural For "Vibe" and "W"

I guess it's becoming common practice in 2009 for male celebrities to expose all for popular magazines. First Brad Pitt hops on the cover of W looking like Benjamin Button at birth, and next month Kanye will forgo airbrushing (and blistex?) for Vibe.

Brad has managed to do a decade's worth of aging in just a year. I realize the man is 45, but damn...clearly Jennifer Aniston got his youth in the divorce settlement.

I'm also having trouble with Kanye looking nearly as aged as Pitt, despite the decade and some odd years separating them.

In other news, Kanye's kicking around the idea of releasing "RoboCop" as his next single, with "Bad News" also falling under consideration.

You know I'm team "spoiled little LA girl" all day!

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