Friday, January 2, 2009

I Wasn't Blogging When This Picture Was Relevant, So Technically I'm Not Late...Just Vintage?

I don't know shit about photography, but I can recognize a good picture when I see it.

Back in 1999, leading into 2000, when Angelina was just the hot chick who dated her brother, I loved her. Her whole brooding, occasionally Gothic chic look, paired with her notorious Daddy issues worked for me, which probably says something about my own issues, but that's neither here nor there. In 2009 however, increasingly-domesticated and randomly good-willed, save-the-world-one-baby-at-a-time Angelina just annoys me, for a myriad of reasons. It's not just that she's boring, but also that she's so publicly good-hearted. Anyone can assist in curing international famine, but only Angelina has to do so by becoming the goodwill ambassador for an entire nation. Boo you, and your incredibly sexy demeanor.

In all of my loss of interest in Jolie, I had forgotten why she's considered such a sex symbol. Obviously men are all on it, but even a surprising amount of straight women will openly admit to their willingness to hop right in the sack with Jolie too. While I think she's frightening in a prang mantis, eat your head off after you've mated sort of way, this picture reminds me that despite her ever escalating annoyingness (my blog, my word), Jolie does posses the sort of classic beauty that qualifies her as much more than simply sexy.

I've seen Jolie wear much less and still not look nearly as appealing as she does in this quarter length shot. The cleavage is hard to ignore, but her eyes are what hold your attention. And, as much as I would love to argue that Jolie's lips are overrated, this picture won't let me. Parted just enough to escape a pout, but too little to qualify as a smile, her mouth is nearly a work of art in itself, and I'm sure she's fully aware of that. Jolie looks every bit the movie star on this cover, offering the sort of relaxed glamor that most contemporary actresses can't pull off nearly as well.

Still Team Jen all day.

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It's still dope!!!!