Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MTV Debuts its Gayest Real World Ever. No, Really.

I don't know if MTV's decision to embrace a new sense of sexual diversity on its Brooklyn season of the Real World is a good look, or a lame exploitation of the LGBT community, a la Shot At Love. I'll go ahead and compromise by calling it a little bit of both. In any case, there's a lot going on with these kids, so lets address them as pictured, starting at the top left and moving down accordingly (I hate Blogger and it's lack of design options).

First, JD is yeah. That's it.

Next, Katelynn is the first transgendered castmate in RW's history, which is refreshingly progressive. She seems nice enough, and really that's what matters...And now that I've said that, what the hell is up with this chick's clothes? Seriously, she dresses like an extra in an early episode of Blossom, and that's not okay. Even her promotional shots are tacky as hell. A patent leather halter top? Really? And the Kurt Cobain hair is a whole nother issue.

Also, am I the only that thinks Ryan's initial reaction toward Katelynn was borderline offensive...or at least tactless. That's not just in reference to his facial expressions while Katelynn was sharing her sexual history, but also the way he divided her gender when explaining to his mother that there were eight roommates instead of the usual seven. Realistically though, the situation probably caught him off guard, and when he said "I am ignorant, but I don't want to be," it seemed sincere.

Sarah used to date she doesn't. So yeah. That's it. Oh, and she's a pretty girl, perhaps the prettiest in the house. Played out Rihanna bob and all.

Katelynn is the transsexual, but Devyn is the dragqueen. Nah, she's a girl, born and raised, but if RW producers had simply announced that there was a transsexual in the house, without telling who they were, I would definitely be stuck between Katelynn and Devyn. I think it's the bad wig and huge boobs. Maybe the eyebrows and forehead. I just know that when she says "It's easier to get in to Heaven than it is to get in to Devyn," it leaves me a little curious about the circumstances surrounding that difficulty.

And finally, I don't think it's cool to repeatedly conjecture about someone's sexuality, especially after they've addressed the issue themselves...but Chet brought it up, so I'll bite just this once. Chet tries a little too hard to flaunt his metrosexual membership card to compensate for the rest of the cast's assumption that he's gay. Also, his whole religious "Mormons are cool" schtick just seems like a way for him to validate suppressing his sexuality...if in fact, that's what he's doing (ay, I don't know?). All of that paired with his mild taunting of Katelynn while wearing a bright blue trimmed fadora tells me that we might just have another Steven (see Seattle) on our hands. Whatever the case, I don't like Chet..mostly because of his bleached blond man bangs.

All of that being said, I probably won't watch too much of this season. I really liked Hollywood, but something about these kids just doesn't too much interest me..probably because there's not one strikingly attractive cast member in the whole bunch, and I'm shallow.

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Ellington 51 said...

Yeh so ... J.D. ... is a sh*t starter/instigator/busy-body/in-everything ... aside from his homo-ness. And all that cryin‘ in the limo?? Gay or not, man the f*ck up! Seriously. He's veryyyyy starvation-prone-mario-lopez-at-12 years old-ish.

"I train dolphins." Who the f*ck is givin out these JOBS, man????

Katelynn ... They say I'm insensitive but ....oh well. I'm just thinkin' there were better LOOKING tranny's they coulda yanked for the show. She/he's painful to watch. Veryyyyy...Lord-of-the-rings-ish in her look, she is.

Chet ... homo. All day. Hands down.

Devin ... Nice Tatty's. But I'm not gettin the whole swoonin'-over-the-white-kat-who-probably-is-never-gonna-want-you-especially-since-you-ain't-givin-up-the-snack-cakes-a.k.a.-the-great-black-abyss???

It ain't hannenin'.

Nellz said...

wow! did you say freaking blossom that is funny and its so how u had things to say about them that was in my head beggin to come nice! loved it!

and i dont really like this cast the only black girl on there is not even pretty damn they could have picked a pretty one im sure thats not hard to find....and her boobs are big...mine are two but at least im cute.. hehe well nice blog latas!

BFloyd86 said...

@Ellington're really not feeling JD. I've only seen that first episode but he seemed nice enough. I'm definitely getting that Mario Lopez vibe though.

Mikeman said...

yes i like your rundown on the initial cast

JD...i like that dude. And i do see the Mario Lopez appeal he has.

KATELYNN is transgendered and thats interesting and a first for RW so im intrested to see where she goes with it. OH & your sooooooooo right on the dote with BLOSSOM haha Learn to dress!

SARAH is the prettiest i said in my blog about REAL WORLD questionable and u already know why

DEVYN is the lone black girl and is so fake...physically as in those those boob apartus hanging on her chest

RYAN...idk tossed up with this dude. Callin Katelynn out was sooo FUCK'D UP yet the war side of him is kool....but well have to see

nice blog dude

im anticpating your blog of todays episode...ill be writing on too by the way!

SICKNESS said...

I've heard about this.
I need to watch it.

Gay people are entertaining.

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